About Us

Behind Ralex intends the machine engineer Rafael Herscovici, who decided to immigrate to Israel in order to realize his dream. Since the age of 11, Herscovici had a passion for the motoric field: he dreamed of joining the international automobile industry, learning the secrets of the “Monsters” on four wheels and read all books and articles he had to realize his dream.

As he grew up he completed his mechanical studies at the prestigious Technological Institute in St. Petersburg, after school he came to be a manager in the central Lada garage of Chisinau that prepared professional racing rally cars from the house of Lada, Fiat.  

In 1974, he finally immigrated to Israel in order to lead the field of motoric and share his experience with his friends in Israel in this field. In 1975 Herscovici decided to finally realize his dream and open the Ralex Auto Service Factory in Ashdod. The humble start attracted soon the attention of the experts in the field of Israeli motor skills and soon provided the factory its professional services to owners of Alfa Romeo, Volvo, BMW and Lancia cars.

Herscovici’s dream took shape quickly and has become over the past 30 years a magnificent empire that uses the most advanced equipment in the field and cooperates with the best professionals who have been accompanying the company over 20 years. Today, Ralex offers its customers a range of professional services that covers all areas of motor vehicle:  The company functions as a TOYOTA sub agency that provides a comprehensive range of services for brand vehicles including a service center that provides a solution to the entire range of repair and maintenance requirements, possibility of purchasing additions and accessories for Toyota vehicles, painting cars using environmental protection materials and specialization in the renovation and repair of antique classic collection cars that awarded the company the Rank-One in the Chrysler USA classic car repair competition in 1996.

In addition to its rising reputation, Ralex enjoys also recognition by the Israel Standards Institute which turned made the factory as its representative due to the advanced equipment and strict work procedures, ISO 9001 standard for quality management and the ISO 14000 standard (2008) for the environment that testifies to the use of water colors that do not pollute or emit gases that damage the ozone layer. Ralex has been awarded a commendation by the Society “The Beautiful Land of Israel” in 1986 for the “Beautiful Garage in Israel”.

None of this would have been possible without the teamwork and collaboration that became Ralex’s IRON-ASSETS. In the early days of the company’s activity, Rafi Herscovici collaborated with Mr. W. Johansson of Sweden- The chief engineer of the VOLVO international company and acquired extensive professional knowledge and most advanced methods in the world. Subsequently the company cooperated with Mr. Lipman Uri, one of the country’s leading experts in Motor Mechanics by ALPHA-ROMEO Mr. Jimmy Driver and the Chief Engineer of Citroen, that helped by turning the factory into a line of professionalism, innovation and progress.


Rafael Herscovici, Museum Owner.


Axle Check BOSCH

Test friction and tire ovaliness for 1 km + check the integrity of the brakes, the brake (sensitivity) response between the axles and the brake.

Profession 300 + tests 308, 309

When there is a risk of damage to the chassis, and an authorized laboratory of the Ministry of Transport is required. The test diagnoses specific points on the chassis, validates the locations according to the manufacturer's instructions, and makes sure there is no change.

Wheel Alignment

Vehicles that have been damaged in the rear or front axle, and in cases of tire wear, we check the tire angle and tire ovaliness with sensors.

Emissions Check

A test which examines the air pollution caused by the vehicle, it is known that in order to pass the annual vehicle test, the vehicle must meet the conditions of air pollution.

Diagnostics Computer

Advanced technology that identifies malfunctions by connecting a computer to a vehicle which enables identification of a location of a malfunction and its causes.

BOSCH Computer

shows the status of different systems at a given moment, such as: Compression, Battery Charge, Alternator and more.

Repair Shop Department

Before painting, each part undergoes processing that brings it as close as possible to its original state prior to the accident, and therefore undergoes delicate repairs by professional hands and special instruments.

Paint Department

The department is equipped with the best tools to provide the best paint job. Water-paint is used in the oven. All collector cars are painted in the department as well as vehicles entering on daily routine.