The Beginning

Rafi Herscovici, mechanic engineer who finished his studies at 1970 at Laningrad (Saint Petersburg​).
Between the years 1970-74 he operated as garage manager at a Fiat service centre, in Kishinev, Moldova.
In addition he ran a workshop for the renovation and preparation of race cars of Moskowitz and a group of karting. In 1974 he immigrated to Israel and settled in Dimona.


Opening of the “FIAT TORINO” authorized garage in Dimona, Israel.


Garage activity is expanding to restore and renovate Lancia Zagato cars, Lancia Bolivia sports, reconstruction of english cars MG, Spitfire, Mini Morris, etc.


Assembly and adaptations of turbo systems for private cars, turbo assembly for Volvo and Alfa Romeo cars.


Renovation of Jaguars series Models 1938, 1.5 liter, model XG6 – 420G (picture).
In 1979 the garage purchased innovative equipment for paint department. An industrial paint room was set up and a laboratory for mixing colors.


Sub-agency authorized Citroen, Talbot and Peugeot.


Construction of race cars for the Rally Cross, Matra Bagheera, Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo and Lancia Sport.


Participation in cars race in Ashkelon with 7 types of cars in different categories.

RALEX was awarded the certificate of the beautiful business by the Council of “Beautiful Land of Israel”. The title was awarded by the Ministry of Transport / Vehicle Division, the Israel Garage Association and the car importers.


Restoration of a PORSCHE, a vehicle that has received the title of the most beautiful vehicle in Israel.


Toyota’s authorized sub-agency (see opening page). Design of a showroom, designed and executed by employees of the RALEX factory.


Reconstruction of cars of the 1930s: Austin, Morris 8 (pictured), Mercedes 38.


Renovation of Chrysler New Yorker model 1964 (pictured), a thorough and authentic renovation by the garage workers at RALEX, which won the first place in the US in an international exhibition.



Construction of the first Formula cars in Israel: Formula F3. Opening of a vehicle museum in Ashdod.


The completion of the reconstruction of a Dodge Brothers 1924.

An official visit at the museum of the drivers of the London – Jerusalem Rally with the participation of 46 cars.

In the photo: Sportive Driving School.


Entry to a futuristic branch of testing chassis and car body with the use of a computerized robot produced by the Swedish company “Car-o-Liner”.

The opening of a car exhibition and the selection of the most beautiful car in Israel (the first festival of its kind in Israel) by RALEX.


60’s Volvo Amazon Renovation (picture).

Build of a kit car (two twin turbo) for field racing.

Receiving  the most beautiful car for the Chrysler New Yorker.


A letter of appointment was issued by the Ministry of Transport, which is mainly authorized to examine professional managers in the field of vehicle repair (see Ministry of Transportation approvals).

Collaboration and support for Amal Ashdod students in the construction of karting cars.


It was determined by the National Association of Collectors that the Chrysler New Yorker was renovated by the RALEX team at the highest level.


Preparation of a New Yorker 1964 vehicle for an international exhibition in Germany, a vehicle that won first place in the United States in 1996.

Assembling a mechanical sculpture at the entrance of the city of Ashdod.


Renovation of Fargo Dodge (Dodge Fargo) pickup from the Establishment of the State. (picture)


Ralex celebrates 30 years (picture).

Renovation of Volkswagen Commando Car.


FIAT traktor 1970 renovation.


The Jubilee Parade – Ashdod Celebrates 50 Years, Honorary Visit of 5Club.


Completion of the Alfa Romeo car renovation.

The beginning of the Mercedes-Benz 220SE renovation.

Refurbishment of the Matra Murena 1983.


Starting a construction project of a Rolls Royce Build.

The beginning of the SAAB car restoration.


Completion of reconstruction of Mercedes 220SEB.

Creating a “new car”.

Renovation of Fiat 1X9.


Completion of the SAAB car renovation.

Completion of the Contessa car renovation.


Renovation of a Alfa Romeo Spider 1976.

Building the wooden parts of the Rolls Royce Build.

Hosting the Israeli Alfa Classic club.


The reconstruction of Susita Sabra taken from a prototype.


Renovation of a Mercedes Pagoda 1963.

Jaguar Saloon SS 1938 (Second Round).

Mercedes 230.

Hosting 5club.


Build of Alfa Romeo replica.

Rnovation of a Vespa PX200E (picture)

Building the roof of the Rolls Royce Build, and completing the electrical systems. 


Renovating a Jaguar MK9 (picture)

Jaguar 420G round two.

Renovation of a Mini Clubman.

Ralex Celebrates 40.


Continuation and finish of Mini Clubman (picture).

Renovation of the first Toyota Corolla Liftback 1991, in honor of the 25th celebration of Toyota in Israel.

Museum renovation.

A parade throughout the city of Ashdod.


Participation in the meeting of the 5club at the Big Fashion in Ashdod.

Finished Renovating the Mercedes Pagoda.

Finished renovation of Mercedes 450.

Finished Sabra Susita Sport.


Renovation of Rolls Royce Corniche convertible 1979.


Renovation of the black Alfa Romeo 79′ Spider 2000 cc


Arrival of Toyota MR2 1991 from abroad for renovation

Repainting of Matra Murena 1982


Finish renovation Toyota MR2 1991 

Preparation of cars for technical school


Repainting of Toyota Celica 1993